Next Generation Development Infrastructure: Maven, m2eclipse, Nexus & Hudson at EclipseCon 2011

Jason Van Zyl(CTO and founder of Sonatype) made an introduction about Sonatype; the money they got funded recently, 11.6 $M.

Then he introduced to us what’s new at Sonatype in terms of products : Tycho in the eclipse foundation, m2eclipse 0.14 in progress, nexus, and aether (that allows your application to communicate with Maven repositories with a clean API ) which is coming to the foundation; and also Hudson, where they’re spending much effort right now, to complete their build infrastructure stack.

Jason mentioned that Atlassian, like Sonatype, chose the path of OSGi, to provide modularity and ease the plugins contributions; he also said that the tooling is poor in the OSGi world.

He talked about the maven shell : running P2, it is able to update itself and the version of your current Maven installation, getting it from Nexus.

Sonatype wants to link all of its products with the same component model, using JSR 330 (the dependency injection for java), Guice and Sisu (extensions to Guice for JSR 330+); they also dropped Plexus container for Guice instead.

For Hudson, they added a JAX RS API for interacting with external tools.

For the transport, they used the Async HTTP client (JF Arcand); to make their HTTP client « indestructible ».

They also want to clean the maven central repository; for that the only process to upload any new maven artifacts is now through Nexus, to make sure the metadatas are correctly set (no more submission of new artifacts via Jira)

They leverage P2 capabilities in Hudson, maven shell and maven to update their tools, it is also made available to the public the possibility to publish P2 metadata at the end of a maven build so that your project can be self updatable using P2 and those metadatas.

Questions :

What parts of Nexus is commercial ? the P2 repository part


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