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Since I got my engineer degree (2005), I have been working on several missions (as a software developer, or a trainer) involving Java technologies from JEE to OSGi, including Android, GWT and even sometimes with Ruby / Ruby on Rails.
Those missions touched business areas as different as banking (SGCIB, Crédit Agricole S.A.), travel (Club Med), energy (Gaz de France), defense (DCNS) and finally technology (Compuware).
While working on my first Scrum mission in 2008, I discovered the benefits of Continuous Integration (with Hudson/Jenkins), automated testing from unit tests (using Junit/Maven Surefire) to integration tests (Fit, Maven Tycho Surefire), continuous deployment (using Nexus) and continuous quality control (with Sonar).
Since then, no matter the technology involved, no matter the complexity (embedded runtimes such as Android AVDs or the Equinox OSGi runtime), you’ll find me coding against the best Continuous Integration practices, existing or … to come.

Anthony Dahanne English resume

Anthony Dahanne JEE Software Developer Resume

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CV Curriculum Vitae Anthony Dahanne Ingénieur Développement J2EE au format PDF

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