Open Source Projects

Here is the list of all the open source projects I’ve so far created or contributed to :

Projects created in 2009 :


Is an Android application, allowing the user to browse the Gallery2 photos website of his choice.

Gallery2 is a popular tool to host « your photos on your website » (it’s different from Picasa or FlickR as anyone owning a LAMP dedicated or shared server can install this software and share his photos)

G2Android makes it easier to browse a Gallery2 site, rather than using the builtin WebKit browser

G2Android is distributed under the GPL v2 and is available in the Android Market


: is a dokuwiki plugin (written in PHP) allowing people using dokuwiki to ask for their visitors email, in a csv form

Written in PHP, the dokuwiki wiki platform is very install and to administer, since it does not require a database.

Using this wiki for a personal site, I created this plugin to let the visitors give me their email adresses

I’ve also blogged about the creation of this project, it is now hosted in this blog.


: is a Ruby software that connects to a POP3 or IMAP email account, parses the emails of this account, and returns all the valid email addresses of the senders, CC and BCC recipients present in at least one email of the given account

This project helped me recovering all my contacts after loosing my email contacts addresses : from the CSV file containing every senders and recipients of my mailbox, I could easily find all of my contacts.

This project also helped me to learn the Ruby language, and unit testing in Ruby.


: was my first Android project, co developed with my friend Romain De Lauwer : we submitted this app in the SFR JTD contest in May 2009 (and we did not win :-( !!)

This Android application did find places of interests around you, using GPS localization, and a Google Map to show them. The user could enter new places or simply browse them and rate them.

The backend was written using the RubyOnRails framework, the communication between the Android app and the backend was made using REST/JSON messages.

The app is not functioning  as the backend is now down.

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