Asynchronous Tasks with Android

Tonight I gave a presentation at Android Montreal about the AsyncTasks API, for the Android platform.
Although the main content was « said » during the presentation, you can download the support :

or you can read it, Asynchronous Tasks with Android on slideshare.

If you want to compare the different ways to deal with multi threading on the android platform, you can also have a look at the project I created on Github, AsyncTasksDemo.
Also, you can have a look at the source code of G2Android, in this application I use a lot of AsyncTasks to be able to run worker threads fetching remote content over HTTP (you can particularly have a look at AddPhotosTask)
Many thanks to the Android Montreal volunteers for hosting my presentation! It’s a really nice event with bright developers !

References :

if you’re interested in the AsyncTask API, you MUST read those blog posts from Android developers :