G2Android : a gallery2 client for the android platform

I recently started a new open source project : G2Android, for the android platform, and mainly for 3 reasons :

  • The main reason I Started this project was because there isn’t yet any gallery2 clients for the android platform and I needed one to access my galleries where I share photos with my family and friends

Gallery2 is an open source project to easily share your photos with your friends and family : you can install it on Php/MySql enabled server : be it a shared server or dedicates server; Gallery2 is maybe the most popular project in this category ! (I know, Picasa and FlickR exist but… I’m not the kind of guy to upload 7 Gb of photos to companies I don’t know and I don’t trust…)

Well, there’s a client for uploading photos to a gallery2, picpush, but it’s not open source and it’s loaded with ads… And you can’t browse photos…

  • I wanted to start a new Android project, to know better this platform !
  • Iwanted to compete on the ADC (Android Developer Challenge) 2009 : given the current features, I’m not sure I have a chance to win the competition, but, hey, the important is to particpate as we isay !

As of version 1.0, G2Android can browse albums and pictures, for more details, you can check out the Features page of G2Android

Version 1.1, which will be out soon, will allow you to browse private galleries, ie gallery2 installations which need a password.

The project is open source, GPL v.2, so you want to join in, feel free to contact me !

Finally, you can download G2Android from the Android Market : just type « G2Android » in your search or simply click on this link if you’re browsing this page with an Android device .

You can also download it directly from the G2Android Google code site.

Have fun with it, and feel free to submit new issues on the bugtracker if you encounter a bug !

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