G2Android v. 1.4.2 : now it is really stable !

Sorry, no new features in this release :-(
But a lot of bug fixes :-)
These bugs specially appeared in CyanogenMod running Android phones, because, for some reason, CyanogenMod kills really rapidly applications loosing focus.
For example, when trying to upload a photo, Android, under Cyanogenmod, would kill G2Android, as it lost focus, for letting the user choose his photo; or if you received a phone call while browsing a gallery, Android would also kill G2Android.
That’s ok, it’s part of the Android lifecycle : this robot knows how to get his RAM back !!!
The thing is, until version 1.4.2, G2Android would not « remember » the Gallery cookies, the albums hierarchy, its position in the gallery, etc… so it forced close.
Now, it uses a SQLite database, to save its context, so before leaving an activity, G2Android saves its context (onPause) and when entering an activity (onResume) it gets the context back.
Next year, some new features will appear, like using the camera directly to send photo, or maybe analyse EXIF metadata ?
If you have some ideas, or if you encounter bugs, please feel free to submit an issue in G2Android bugtracker !
And, as we say in such periods, merry Xmas and happy new year ! Using G2Android ;-)

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