Growing an open source project one bugday at a time at EclipseCon 2011

Ian bull presented a tool (available for free for open project), Yoxos, that eases the  integration of new comers on a project, who often ask themselves such questions :

  • What is the version of Eclipse I have to use ?
  • What is the SCM URL ?
  • what version ? trunk ? a branch ? if there is PSF file where is it ?
  • what are the plugins I will need ?

Yoxos is about defining an Eclipse IDE profile, so that when new comers join the team, they just doucle click on a file to see an Eclipse IDE generated and ready to use with all the plugins, configurations they need to work on the project

Ian showed us a demo of Yoxos

  • configuring a new profile : you can configure your update strategy : do you want your IDE to get the latest updates, the same for the plugins ?(slicing options); there is also a list of components already included to choose from (mylin, checkstyle, etc..) : the components are fetched the first time from the internet (amazon cloud + original repo), but you do not need to access the internet everytime you launch your built IDE (by the way, at startup, it can update itself); and you can share your SCM settings, project sets, workspace preferences, mylin checkstyle, findbugs configurations into the profile
  • using the generated profile : from the previous step, a single file of 52 bytes contains the whole profile configuration, you launch it, and then (the first time) it is going to fetch them for you, no need to provide your dependencies and their versions, everything is resolved ; first time we launch the ide, all the projects are checked out, and all the plugins and rules are there.



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